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Dive into the world of coding

  The long-awaited coding course is about to begin,   bringing with it a new wave of learning and   opportunities. Registered participants can prepare   to dive into a captivating journey of discovery and   enrichment. As the start date approaches,   excitement and anticipation grow among future   learners as they prepare to acquire new Skills,   broaden their horizons and develop their   knowledge in meaningful ways. Final preparations   are underway, and soon the doors of knowledge   will open to welcome a period of personal growth   and development.


Exciting vacation activities!

Join us for an exciting adventure into the world of technology! Our vacation activities combine fun learning and creative exploration, enabling children to develop essential skills for the future. Are you looking for fun, educational activities to keep your kids occupied over the vacations? Look no further! We’re delighted to present our specialized program in technology, coding and robotics for inquisitive young minds aged 10 to 14.
Our interactive workshops allow kids to discover the basics of computer programming and develop their digital skills in a fun way. Thanks to our team of passionate experts, kids will have the chance to create their own projects and bring amazing robots to life. Imagine their delight when their creations come to life! We offer a safe and stimulating learning atmosphere, where every child is encouraged to explore and develop their creativity, logic and problem-solving skills.Dates and times: Two sessions: Session I from July 03 to 14, 2023 and Session II from July 17 to 28, 2023.
Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm.Give your children a unique learning and entertainment experience. Join us this summer and give them the tools to shape their digital future.  Explore our incredible training journey


Talent Development is in SEJEN’s DNA. Together with an international educational partner, we are currently working on the design of a series of Digital Transformation Master Classes with an emphasis on Data Science. The general objective of this series is to offer each participant a detailed and practical view of the tools, solutions, and techniques related to digital transformation.

Some of the modules currently in design include:

  • The challenge of Digital Transformation
  • Data Science in Digital Transformation
  • DevOps in Digital Transformation
  • Coding for Digital Transformation

The Master Classes are an intensive training environment that allows development teams to master their craft through essentially practical learning, based on solid theoretical concepts and coaching by specialists in the fields covered.

Intensive training

70% of the course is practical and 30% theoretical and all modules exclusively use “Project-based Learning”

“Experts who teach” not “expert teachers” oversee learning.

Training takes place in an immersive, high-paced environment where teams quickly organize, break down work, achieve success, and build “muscle memory” of their learning so they can take their new skills with them once training is completed. The willingness to learn in this environment is key. Emphasis is placed on learning the essential concepts of a field that the student can take away and deepen on his own and in business

5-6 Days classes

A team enters this intensive learning environment for 5-6 days with the goal of learning new skills rooted in the mindsets that are important for success. Teams meet daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and continue to have access to the work lab even after normal hours.

The innovation lab

The Innovation Lab is built as an environment in which teams can enter into an integrated learning experience.

Without walls to isolate them, the teams will be installed in an open space, surrounded by whiteboards and large monitors to encourage sharing and technical discussions.

A high-speed fiber-optic connection allows courses to be taught in face-to-face and virtual mode and gives first-class network access to all participants.


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We are planning on publishing our curriculum by the end of Septm

in 2023