We Accelerate the Digital Transformation of Africa

Africa represents economic opportunities in practically every sector, and the continent’s young population will play a critical role in this digital era; therefore, there is a pressing need for Africa to make digitally enabled socio-economic development a high priority. Digital Transformation is also a driving force for innovative, inclusive and sustainable growth.  

SEJEN CI, helps organizations  leapfrog their competition, increase the quality of their products and services, disrupt entire sectors of the socio, politico and economic establishment using advanced, secured, and transformative technologies such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Talent Development, CyberSecurity, and general software development practices. Get in touch with us, and together we will explore how technology can solve your issues.

Our Corporate Culture

The clients of our services and the users of our products are the most important thing to us. We promise to listen to them with care, advise them with intelligence, take action to their benefits, and always report transparently.

SEJEN staff are the most precious assets we have. We ask a lot from them in exchange of providing a fun, rewarding, inclusive, and safe environment for them to work.

SEJEN’s culture is best summarized by these words:

What We Do

We help organizations with their digital transformation

Inclusion & Diversity

Our objective is to help our clients harness digital technologies and innovation to accelerate the transformation of their societies, businesses, and organizations by preparing them to take ownership of modern tools of digital management through strategic advice, advanced engineering, and talent development. To achieve these objectives, our staff are our most precious assets.

Consequently, our commitment for inclusivity and diversity starts at the top with our executive management . We expect SEJEN leaders at all levels to help create and sustain a culture of equality where everyone can advance and thrive regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual preferences, persons with disabilities and cross-cultural diversity.

With gender, we are particularly committed to including throughout our entire organization women. We believe the future workforce is an equal one and set bold goals to accelerate gender equality. It enables us to attract, develop, inspire and reward top talent. We create an environment that unleashes innovation, brings our people to perform at their very best and underpins a culture in which everyone feels they have an equal opportunity to belong and build a career.

Our Solutions


Open-source, comprehensive, cloud-hosted, and managed Monitoring and Evaluation platform for International Development organizations. Initial funding for development provided by USADF.


Open-source, cloud-hosted, and fully managed Unique Patient Identification platform for integration with Electronic Health Record Systems (EHR).

Digital Transformation Master Classes

Talent development for small, medium and large African organizations to enter or continue their digital transformation.


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Legal and Adminitrative Counsel

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